From the first time I met you, to the first time I practiced with you, to the first time I stepped on stage with you…I just knew you were going to be someone special in my life. The way you’re so passionate about dancing, I know you will go far and I know you’re going to go big one day. You’re beautiful and you’re an amazing person. 

No such thing as dreaming anymore. We’re making this shit come to life. We’re going to the top and pushing anyone who is trying to stop us out of the way. Run with us or run from us.

Academy of Villains

I’ve only been with this company since February and I felt as if I already accomplished so much. From Carnival to Body Rock, to performing with YSC, to our UCLA gig, everything has been insane. All the people I met and the people I call family now are nothing but amazing. They’ve constantly pushed me to work harder and to never bullshit during practice. They’ve kept me on my toes and on my A-game and I couldn’t be more thankful for them. This is only the beginning. 💀